Friday, 20 April 2012

Welcome Progressive Canadians!

The essential bit in the word 'progressive' is 'progress'.

Moving ahead.

A group of committedly progressive Canadian bloggers has moved on to Canadian Progressive Voices.

Brand-spanking new and evolving into we're-not-quite-sure-what yet.

There's no litmus/purity test. Just read this:
We are bloggers who advocate for social, economic and labour justice, for human rights, sexual freedom and reproductive choice, for non-violence, the protection of the commons, including universal healthcare, public broadcasting and Canadian culture in an independent Canada dedicated to true representative democracy, the well-being of our environment and the betterment of all in the world.

Sound OK to you?

Then come on in.

ADDED: We are still figuring things out. Please be patient with us. ;-)


Ruaidhrí said...

Thanks for this!
Adding a link immediately.
(but I'm naming the link "transgressive bloggers" in honour of its origin)

Pseudz said...

Hot Damn! - as Albert the Alligator used to say. Very agreeable italic statement that you've got there - it'll make a swell, loose filter for the crappola that could happen at the previous venue.

Dr.Dawg said...

Er...I think "transgessive" would be more respectful. :)

fern hill said...

Dawg funny.

Kelseigh said...

Good on you for the new venture. One annoying little thing though, I notice as soon as this post went up, my RSS feed for your blog went from full articles on Google Reader to just the titles. Not sure why that would be, but I kinda liked your stuff, Dawg's, and Pogge's all readable together.

fern hill said...

Kelseigh: We've been fooling around with Technical Stuff to see if we can fix that.

There is much to do and I'm kinda useless, being Technodolt.

The hope is that people will be patient while we sort things out. In the meantime, there are the tpyos to amuse visitors. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Who can change the header of the home page of Canadian Progressives? It reads Candian in the masthead....

fern hill said...

Thanks, SM. There are a number of things being worked on. Tpyos are on the list.

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