Friday, 20 April 2012

The TechnoDolt Report: Part 1

Poking around Progressive (or Progessive) Canadian Voices and found forums!

Go up to the top there and click on 'Feedback'. At the moment, that takes you to a particular discussion, but click on 'Forums' or 'General Discussion'.

And you're ready to rumble.

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Anonymous said...


Congratulations on creating a new, vibrant, safe, place. Progressive too in the genuine sense.

Let the former "progressive in name only hey mebbe we'll cast a wide electoral net & catch a few votes but not likely since Ontario will never vote (again) for Bob Rae (fool me once, etc) doing his best Bud Selig imitation & we're not really
progressive 'cause we'll throw those uppity wimmin's basic human rights under the bus if we can get some wingnuts to vote for us if we come across as nuanced, willing to debate the undebatable" moribund place fade into oblivion.


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