Friday, 30 March 2012

Con "Mononcle" Garry gives high school girls advice.

Dianna Sakisheway wrote a scathing letter to Public Safety Minister Vic Toews this week. Her complaint stems from a speech Breitkreuz — known as the father of the legislation to repeal the long-gun registry — gave during a career day at Canterbury High School [in Ottawa] on March 7.

“I am outraged at the irresponsible conduct of the federal government in promoting gun violence to schoolchildren,” she wrote. “You have gone much too far.”

“Mr. Breitkreuz spent most of his allotted time discussing firearms and cited a Texas study that showed women who carry guns are less likely to get raped, including a specific number of women who avoided rape as they were armed,” Sakisheway wrote [...]
From here. Hmm, I wonder how Toews will react to that. If the teenage girl who babysat for his family had been armed with a gun, his political career might have been cut short.

So CPC MP Breikreuz agrees with DJ! that women should "Stand their ground"? Who would have guessed.

In other news relating to the "future" the Harper government has laid out for Canadian youth, the Flaherty budget has slashed, effective immediately, the operating grant contract it had with Katimavik.
The move comes as a surprise to the Katimavik organization, which says it has been kept in the dark about any upcoming cuts. Its National Director of Marketing and Communications Victoria Salvador has said, however, that the group is trying to diversify its funding in order to stay afloat.

Despite the Tories' determination to kill the program, the group expressed hope in a statement Thursday that lobbying the government can still save the program.

Katimavik expressed "extreme disappointment" over the funding decision and argued its purpose is more important than ever. "At a time when civic engagement and voter turnout are at an all-time low, when youth unemployment rates are double the national average, this is clearly the worst time to cut Katimavik," the group wrote.
In this tweet the author of the news item claimed: "One Tory told me today, they view it as a Liberal recruiting ground..." which begs the question where the CPC gets its own recruits: Fundamentalist christian churches? Reactionary school bullies? Armed forces rejects?

As Calgary Sun columnist Stephen Lautens observed: "Katimavik - creating young people too smart and kind for the Cons for 35 years."


double nickel said...

These Reformacon fuckers are beyond contempt.

Beijing York said...

They truly are the Tea Party North. Now to prove that the Kock Bros. are funding their election campaigns.

fern hill said...

I found this from Mother Jones on twitter today. The money behind Florida's (and lotsa other states') 'Stand Your Ground' aka 'Kill Anybody You Don't Like the Look of' law. Surprise! It's the NRA. I wonder how much dough has come from those fucktards into CON coffers.

Didn't somebody track NRA's meddling in Canada recently over the long-gun registry?

deBeauxOs said...

Yes fern hill, there is a Canadian NRA connection, and we blogged about it here.

fern hill said...

Yeesh. That's embarrassing. Kind of you to say 'we' blogged about it.

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