Saturday, 25 February 2012


The Harper Government is well on its way to being the Government of Firsts.

First, contempt of Parliament.
The contempt finding is unique in Canadian history. In a wider context, it is the first time that a government in the 54-member Commonwealth of Nations has been found in contempt of Parliament.

This morning on The House, former Chief Electoral Officer Jean-Pierre Kingsley was asked what the penalty for electoral fraud is. He said, 'a fine of $5,000 and/or a prison term of up to five years'. Asked whether anyone had ever gone to prison, he said not to his knowledge. But then added: 'But there's a first time for everything'.

There's a legacy for ya, Stevie.

ADDED: Niles asked in the comments but others may have the same question: Who orders an investigation?

As I understand it from this morning's radio program, the Commissioner of Elections Canada orders an investigation by Elections Canada staff who then take the findings to the Director of Public Prosecutions, currently this guy, who decides whether there is a case to bring. Note date of appointment. Yup, 2007, post-Harper.


Niles said...

so, basically, the gamble for the Cons was...the same kind of chump change fine as for the previous illegalities they've been caught doing.

*IF* anyone ever finds a way around the obfuscating the Harper government can casually vomit up as administrative blocks.

If the Harper government doesn't ok an investigation into itself, who can? Seriously? Who can? They've spent the last three years doing nothing if not showing they control the RCMP and the committees on Parliament Hill and whether their MPs have to show up to testify at anything.

The governor-general? Who has never been asked to do this in the history of the country?

Beijing York said...

Egads, this is all so depressing. Can we call for UN support when we take to the streets to fight these criminals?

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