Sunday, 26 February 2012

Bad times, good times.

As I wrote to a friend this morning:
"These times are tough indeed for CONs. Though a week late, I think the New Orleans jubilant exhortation for Mardi Gras is more than appropriate for democracy-lovin' folks who can't wait to see the back of those carpetbaggers: 'Laissez l'bon temps rouler!'

Ouais. Rouler all over them like a MASSIVE steam roller, though the CPC scam will leave a stain that'll never wash out. Good. Our history and collective memory need a reminder that democracy requires vigilant defenders."
On May 2nd pale at A Creative Revolution posted, with links to CBC news items, a report of the curious incidents of robocalls harassing and mis-directing non-reformaTory voters.

DAMMIT JANET! also raised the issue last May here, here and here.

Yesterday Dr Dawg noted the heavy silence of the Globbin'Fail with regard to the alleged CON robocalls. Sour grapes? Imagine being scooped by the NatPo!

The Toronto Star's Joanna Smith reminds the NDP sent a letter to Elections Canada in April.

The Montreal Gazette has the Liberals' response.

If the so-called 'mainstream media' overlords had allowed their journalists to be diligent and vigilant - as many of the bloggers are - this story would have emerged in May, before the odious, vote-suppressing, corrupt CONtempt Party started its wrecking ball on the Canada we love and cherish.

It appears even Radio-Canada is vulnerable to pressure from Stevie's Politburo. This week the director of news reporting, Alain Saulnier was fired. On his watch "Enquêtes" did ground-breaking investigative journalism that exposed the corrupt underpinning and religious zealotry of the CPC.

The best word on this vote suppression scam belongs to Stephen Lautens:
"It just goes to show that the only way a far right agenda can win in Canada is by cheating."
The last image: a smug, complacent PMSHithead at the Calgary Stampede.

Stephen Harper

The last words (from good cop John McClane): "Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker."


liberal supporter said...

Given that robogate implies some CPC MPs are illegitimate, we are no longer engaging in over the top rhetoric when we call them:


Jim Parrett said...

Good work all around but I can't help but feeling it may all be for naught. The Cons have a way of coming out of scandals smelling like wild roses.

the regina mom said...

In my trolling around on this, one meme I'm seeing is, "Oh, we don't know that it impacted the vote." They'll be playing that up some more, I suspect, to detract from the fact that the calls themselves are illegal, regardless.

Beijing York said...

If he isn't buying a vote, he's stealing it. I'm surprised he hasn't closed down Elections Canada yet.

double nickel said...

Indeed. And if it wasn't going to impact on the vote, why did they bother doing it? They can't even lie without fucking up.

deBeauxOs said...

Stevie CONtempt has been very careful to preserve a semblance of rightfulness.

I'm wondering if this scandal will crack that veneer; will PMSHithead go full-metal fascist?

Alison said...

No doubt he has been trying to figure out a way to do it. He would love to have a US style system run by partisans.

Niles said...

Just one question. Is it clear Saulnier was fired? The linked piece said he was leaving Radio Canada. I get notices all the time at work of people leaving the company for other pastures. Doesn't mean they're fired.

Eager as I am to have my confirmation bias there follow up to that anywhere?

Niles said...

Did you have to say wild roses? I live in Calgary, of the Alberta where most of the federal policies were hatched and where the provincial dynasty of 'progressive conservatives' are having their thirty year legacy nibbled at by the "Wild Rose Alliance"...which was created by people who didn't think this place was neocon *enough*.

deBeauxOs said...

It's clear from the manner it has been reported in the francophone media that he was fired from R-C and been replaced. Also, Saulnier has been silent about leaving.

Niles said...

I read that should it come to legal consequences, that if a judge deems the difference to have made no appreciable impact on who won the riding, then there would be no by-election et al in reparation for the damage done. They're going to be flogging 'no damage done' for all they're worth. Fines? Chump change. Some fall guy goes to jail? A nosebleed. By-elections? That's arterial and potentially minority making. The Cons might try and delay by-elections, but even the effort in doing that would keep the subject matter in the news. There will in any case, adding insult to injury, be a lot of taxpayer money devoted to telling the taxpayers they can believe the Cons or their lying eyes. The Cons have spent a LOT of public money since coming to power advertising the natural beauty of condors.

Anonymous said...

"Radio-Canada's Executive Vice-President Louis Lalande today announced the departure of Alain Saulnier, Executive Director, News and Current Affairs."

"Under his leadership, investigative journalism has advanced by leaps and bounds at Radio-Canada - this hasn't gone unnoticed,"

So was it good notice or did the notice result in Saulnier's firing? Heh.

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