Monday, 30 January 2012

Waah! Lying Has Consequences

Lost in DJ!'s coverage of CTV's 'exposé' of the fake clinic in Surrey and Maurice Vellacott's ensuing 8-page snit-fit is the local consequence of the spotlight focussed on the liars.

They won't be able to spread their crap to public school students any more.
Several public schools in Surrey are suspending sexual education classes offered by a counselling centre affiliated with a religious organization that opposes abortion after a CTV News investigation.

The South Fraser Pregnancy Options Centre won't be teaching teens about contraception or abortion until the Surrey school district can determine if students are getting accurate information, according to district spokesman Doug Strachan.

"We would want information to be factual and impartial and informative," said Strachan. "If there's pressure on students that isn't warranted or unreasonable, that's something we would want to be aware of."

The move comes after a CTV News hidden-camera investigation revealed that a volunteer counsellor at the centre gave advice about abortion that medical experts have described as dubious.

Several schools in Surrey, including Princess Margaret Secondary, have allowed the group to give presentations to grade 10 students over the past five years.

It's incredible to me that PUBLICLY funded schools would accept such proselytizing. But it's grand that it's at least suspended and hopefully totally banned.

What's that they say about sunlight?

Oh yeah. 'It makes the creepy-crawlies squirm.'

Squirm, lying liars, squirm.


JeninCanada said...

Why didn't they check to see if the programs were factual and impartial BEFORE implementing them? Still, good news is good.

Niles said...


Not only are they suspended but they're called out as what they are, a religiously based org.

Which means, part of any review that might want to reinstate them as part of curriculum has to ask your question. What's a religious org doing teaching "sex-ed" to public school kids?

I await the bleating defense with buttered popcorn(which may or may not contain foetalfoodproduct since I do not live in the US where they are alerted to such satanic contamination by intrepid Christian investigators LifesiteTM, who I would not doubt for a second is an intellectual source for some of the 'education' that has just been suspended because there's no overlap between the US proselytizers and the Canadians, nononono)

Anonymous said...

"Why didn't they check to see if the programs were factual and impartial BEFORE implementing them?"

CPCs are very slick in their presentations to schools, just as they are to women looking for help with an unintended pregnancy. My daughter's school had them in to do a presentation, and when I challenged the school administration about it, they realized they were completely fooled about who these people are and truly thought they were legit. They vowed never to ask them back, but I have always wondered how that worked out. All it takes is a change of principal/teachers and all is forgotten. Unless the school board forbids schools from bringing groups like this in, then they will continue to find a way in. Where I live, the school board was reluctant to institute an outright ban, but instead established criteria for the schools to consider. This has resulted in way to much leeway for the schools and consequently, the local CPC still spreads fear and lies to our children.

fern hill said...

I had no idea that CPCs were infiltrating PUBLIC schools in Canada. If I found out a kid of mine was exposed to that crap by the SCHOOL, there'd be a shit-fit of EPIC proportions in the principal's office. And I'd bring every like-minded parent I could find.

the regina mom said...

I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but many years ago -- late 80's / early 90's the Regina Public Schools went through an arduous but rewarding process of modifying the health curriculum for all public schools in the City. Planned Parenthood, the Facts of Lifeline and other progressives organizations were part of that process. A good friend was a representative for one of those orgs and kept us informed about it. It wasn't easy, but as a result of her dedication and that of others, students in Regina's public schools are not subject to the kind of shit to which those in Surrey have been subjected. Thank goodness!

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