Saturday, 28 January 2012

When Liars Are Exposed, It Ain't Pretty

How many members of the Contempt Party's Fetus Lobby have gone off-leash on the Hidden Abortion Agenda now? Trost, Woodworth, Ambrose, Watson, and now, predictably, Vellacott.

As deBeauxOs reported yesterday, the long-time fetus fetishist and forthright misogynist has his panties in a twist over a three-part investigative piece by CTV on a crisis pregnancy centre, or as they are more correctly termed 'fake clinics run by anti-choice, lying, manipulative Xians'.

Here are the links to Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Watch and see for yourself if the series is 'one-sided' as is claimed in Vellacott's meandering and maundering eight-page (!) press release.

I'll get back to the press release in another post, but here I want to talk about how the investigation was handled and reported.

I first heard about it a couple of weeks ago when Andrea Mrozek at ProWomanProLie posted a link to a panicked bleat from Lara Lansink, director of the South Fraser Pregnancy Options Centre. Under the heading 'Some troubling news':
Dear Friends and Supporters,
Because I know you love our Centre and our ministry, I wanted to share some troubling news with you about an incident that recently occurred.

On December 15th, a woman claiming to be in distress because of an unplanned pregnancy came to our Centre for help. One of our volunteer peer-counselors was able to see her immediately and they spent close to an hour talking through the woman’s concerns as well helping her to understand what choices were before her as she pretended to contemplate whether or not to have an abortion.

What this peer-counselor didn’t know, however, was that the woman had actually been sent by CTV News and that the woman was secretly recording the entire session with the hope that our peer-counselor would give false or biased information. Naturally we are very disappointed to see that CTV would use this type of tactic, particularly since the woman that came in pretending to be a legitimate client did agree to, and sign, our agreement of services which says in part:

"please turn off all devices with recording capabilities prior to the session. POC Staff and Volunteers do NOT consent to any recorded conversations".

Waaah! She signed the form!!

On January 5, they find out about it, when the reporter, Jon Woodward, tells them and asks UNREASONABLY for their side of the story.
Mr. Woodward also requested that a representative of our Centre speak to him on camera and implied that to refuse this request would make it appear that we had something to hide. Our board recognized that because of the tactics already employed, we felt it was likely that our Centre would be portrayed in a negative and misleading way despite his assurance of being impartial. We therefore declined his invitation to speak on camera as we did not feel that our explanations would be accurately or objectively presented.

Unfortunately when we declined, Mr. Woodward let us know that he would simply wait in the parking lot until someone from the Centre appeared and would then ‘confront’ us with his ‘questions’, meaning that we would be filmed even though we had declined his ‘invitation.’

(She goes on to invoke Gord's help and ask for supporter's prayers.)

As you can see from the clips, no such gotcha occurred. Rather, the liars wisely decided to sit down with CTV and it was hardly a confrontation. In fact, one of them admitted that the 'counsellor' may have gone off-script and that the brochure in question will be reviewed.

Back to Mrozek who on seeing part 1 said:
This could have been a lot worse.

Even sister and fellow fetus fetishists didn't find it that bad. Coulda been a lot worse, indeed.

It coulda gone like this.

CTV more than went out of its way to be fair to the lying liars. But those fetus fetishists do love their martyrgasms, don't they?

UPDATE: Vellacott's bullshit references exposed.


Michel said...

Wow... just wow.

Deceiving women in a stressful and vulnerable situation = OK
Exposing it = Evil

Take a bow Maurice Vellacott.

Anonymous said...

CTVs W5 did the same thing in 2000 to the pregnancy care centres in Calgary and Red Deer. Both were caught in lies, but did anything come of it? Nothing changed. No one will take any jurisdiction over their activities - not the government, the college of physician and surgeons or even advertising standards councils. They now bury their disclaimers in their websites and literature and I think they spend a lot of time and money training their spokespeople to be slimy and evasive. Some charity.

fern hill said...

Several cities in the US are following this strategy by NARAL Pro-Choice. Make it a municipal 'truth in advertising' issue. Love to see it here in Canada.

Any Calgarians here?

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