Monday 7 November 2011

Anti-Quebec *study* from Institute of Marriage and Family Canada: FAIL

The Institute of Marriage and Family Canada just released a biased and unscientific 28 page report about the province of Québec. From QMI, the Quebecor (owner of SunMedia) *information* clearing house for Rightwing Nutjob propaganda.
"A Quebec family portrait," also suggests the preponderance of single-parent and common-law households will be less equipped to handle the possible dismantling of big government in La Belle Province.

Some studies suggest married men have more motivation to work harder and earn more money for their families than boyfriends, but numbers show husbands are in short supply.

Quebec has the highest percentage of unmarried couples in the world, according to the study. The 2006 census indicates that 34.6% of Quebec couples were in common-law relationships, compared with 13.4% in the rest of Canada.

Quebec also has the highest rate of children in daycare, noted study author Andrea Mrozek, which strains the province's much-vaunted $7-a-day daycare system.

"These things feed into one another in a bit of a circle," said Mrozek. "You have an expensive program, it increases the taxes, then you have to work to support the lifestyle to make money to make ends meet."
Huh? Andrea Mrozek .... gotcha. No wonder that sentence was pure bafflegab.

Mrozek is just a R.E.A.L. pro at cranking such retrograde *septic-tank* stuff out. "Marriage tames men ..."? Snort. Yeah, that's why the license bureau issues tranq guns and cattle prods to new brides.


Anonymous said...

How does she explain the divorce rate? And if husbands are so great, why doesn't she have one? Clocks ticking Andrea.

Niles said...

dog whistle phrase: 'possible dismantling of big government in quebec'

Shades of all the reactionary rightwing talking points in the US, where single mothers - not fathers but mothers - are baaaaaad because their eeeevil powers are dependent on Big Government supplying them with luxury ridden lives to which they have no right because they are robbing hard working real families of their extra pennies. And if they had to care for the children themselves instead of offloading them into state controlled daycare so they could take the time pop out more burdens to the state...well...that would be the punishment they deserve for not...well, not needing a man to be the breadwinner.

Is Mrozek Catholic as well as rabidly forced pregnancy? I don't think Mother Church ever truly got over being bitter about the Quiet Revolution. Of course these days, betrayal is coming at the poor Vatican from all sorts of former strongholds. The woe.

More pressure on the province that elected the NDP.

deBeauxOs said...

Marriage is just another word for DOMESTICATION.

Yeah, make men pay to get laid - but only if they marry the cow first.

Oh wait. Is that a mixed metaphor?

Beijing York said...

From the second link about taming men:

The paper quotes Ottawa Senators general manager Bryan Murray as saying marriage improves the games of his players.

What's with the Senators and their close ties to Christian movements. Mike Fisher (now with the Predators) was the team's prayer leader and is involved with Hockey Ministries International. Another coach was also part of HMI. And then there was that pro-life promotion by the team's "better halves" back in 2007:

fern hill said...

The Sens. Yee-hee-hee. One of our finest hours. Some links to posts originally published at Birth Pangs can be found here.

Birth Pangs and other feminazis -- notably JJ the Unrepentant -- helped bring that little flimflam effort to a screeching halt.

fern hill said...

BY's link to the original press release made clickable.

Námo Mandos said...

Oh wait. Is that a mixed metaphor?

The best kind!

JJ said...

Hahahaha! Hey fern hill, thanks for the little shout out in that comment... it always makes my day when I get called a Feminazi, even if it's by another Feminazi! :p Love it

Yeah, shutting down that little Sens scam, good times good times!

fern hill said...

@JJ: Hard to believe that it was four years ago. We should keep an eye on this year's xmas fundraisers. Just keeping the fetus fetishists honest . . . Trying, at least

k'in said...

The Ottawa Senators are the team that wears what resembles the Trojan condom logo on their sweaters.

Surprised that none of their fundies have called them out on promoting the sperm holocausr.

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