Monday, 7 November 2011

Is Don Cherry a Puke?

Contemptible. Arrogant. Coward. Ignorant. Opportunist.

On October 6 Cherry launched into one of his classic semi-coherent rants.
From here:
His targets on Thursday were three former hockey enforcers he decried as “pukes” [...]

Cherry has since apologized for saying “pukes” because of kids watching the show. [my emphasis] He was referring to Jim Thomson, Chris Nilan (featured in the new documentary, The Last Gladiators) and Stu Grimson, who recently spoke out about the tragic deaths of Wade Belak, Derek Boogaard and Rick Rypien – enforcers themselves – linking their various, fatal addictions to the game.

Cherry’s beef? These players are “hypocrites” and “turncoats,” who made careers of being fighters and who are now using these deaths as platforms to discourage players from “mak[ing] the same living [they] did.”

His comments have aroused anger and outright hatred among viewers sickened by his “verbal bullying” (this was posted on the CBC site); others dismiss him as a “boorish” proponent of the violence believed to be killing the sport.
It should be mentioned that lawyers for Thomson, Nilan and Grimson did send Cherry a sternly worded letter about his invectives.

The Royal Military College at Kingston recently offered Cherry an honorary degree which he declined.

It's unlikely Cherry's enthusiasm for future Support Our Troops photo opportunities will be extended to the veterans who sacrificed their health in the course of their military service.

He doesn't seem to have a drop of concern for anything except ensuring the longevity of his lucrative franchise at Coach's Corner.

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