Friday, 28 October 2011

Did it hurt?

Now what could possibly go wrong with this situation?

The photo was taken yesterday outside the Kensington Clinic in Calgary where the 365 Days of Harassment continues.

According to a member of DJ!'s crack team of nationwide fetus-fetishist watchers, the kid in the tree belongs to the woman with the “Mommy will it hurt?” sign.

Perhaps the kid should have been holding the sign.

Because, predictably, the little tree could not support her and she fell, luckily missing the fence.

Mommy and gang continued to ignore her. And after a few anxious (well, at least clinic staff were anxious) seconds on the ground, she got up, seemingly OK.

One wonders: if the kid had needed medical treatment, would the clinic harassers have allowed one of the medical professionals (aka Evul Abortionists) take a look at her?

Or, worse, if the kid had needed an ambulance, would the fetus fetishizing liars gone all SHRIEEKY with their usual 'Ambulance Called to Abortuary. Again!11!!!' headlines?

Me, I'd bet a fair amount of dough that the clinic workers would NOT have been dancing in the streets.

We're reminded again, as Saint George of Carlin said about the zygote zealots, 'To them, if you're pre-born, you're fine. If you're pre-school, you're fucked'.


Anonymous said...

At least this kid gets to climb a tree.

fern hill said...

Look what the whambulance delivered.

Climbing a tree and falling out of it while your mother and her co-religionists don't give a shit is better than what, exactly?

And this is public behaviour. What does the neglected child suffer when no one is taking pictures and caring -- from across the street at least -- whether she's about to fall on her head?

dBO is right. Call child protection agencies on their asses.

deBeauxOs said...

Concern troll Way Way Up has once more missed the point.

So, *benign* neglect is OK if you're a fetus fetishist?

And yet, if that child had suffered a head injury when she fell from the tree, her zygote zealot parent would have found a way to blame the clinic for the accident.

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