Friday, 28 October 2011

Are Fetus Lobby Zealots Unfit Parents?

It's time to give FetusLobbyists a taste of their own bitter medicine.

Call Children's Aid (or the appropriate local authority mandated to investigate child abuse) whenever Zygote Zealots willfully ignore the safety and interests of their own spawn in order to better stick their nose into the wombs of pregnant women.

I suspect there would be a lot of shrieeeking involved.

In a stunning demonstration of a classic double standard, FetusLobbyists obsess about other people's *pre-born* and support a number of invasive laws that would subject women and healthcare professionals to untenable regulations.

Yet any attempt to investigate these folks to document whether they do in fact provide their own kids with adequate parenting and nurturing essentials would produce the expected reaction to government intrusion into their private lives.

Thus, they're *free* to exploit their child as a pretext, accessory or photographic support in their various Right Wing Nut Job ideological pissing wars.

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