Saturday, 20 August 2011

RWNJ see more signs of the Rapture

Honestly, is it any surprise that extreme religious zealots, climate change denialists and rightwing nutjobs flock together to shrieeek batshit craziness?

In fact they often behave like the insects of *Bugnado*, swarming in clouds of synchronized frenzy.

None of these folks have been to Gimli Manitoba, North Bay Ontario or the Tisza River in Hungary during shadfly breeding season, it would seem.


Anonymous said...

Um . . . . .who, or what, is RWNJ please?

deBeauxOs said...

RightWing NutJob.

On Twitter, #RWNJ This category includes folks like Jason Kenney, Blob Blogging Wingnut aka SUZANNE, John *Christian Taliban* Pacheco, Pat Buchanan, Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, etc.

chris said...

Shadflies in Montreal too, aren't there? I remember them crunching underfoot.

Niles said...

Magical thinkers have looooong exploited the fact humans are pattern makers.

Folks backed by curiousity and a decent grounding observational science will find out more about the world by looking into it, going 'wow!'.

Those ground into supernatural obedience hamburger will shriek it's proof their sect's deity is active in the world and...profit! (or prophet I guess, depending how much money might be squeezed out of the claim)

I prefer the version of the world where Super Swarms engages our one species with the rest of the planet. My favorites are the birds using swarms as survival patterns. The undulating, sky-filling patterns are awesome with a side of awesome sauce.

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