Friday, 19 August 2011

Maledict's Spanish Tour

Meanwhile, the Poop is spreading joy in Spain. ^NOT
Violence flared last night as a demonstration against the Pope's arrival in Madrid turned ugly.

Anti-Pope protesters marched on the Spanish capital's central Sol plaza to voice their concerns about the 50 million euro price tag of the four-day trip.

But what was being billed as a peaceful protest changed when marchers began taunting the thousands of pilgrims who were congregating in the area.

Yeah, spending 50 million euros on a visit by a corrupt enabler of child abuse when 40 percent of people under 25 are unemployed is a grand idea.

And it's not like there isn't other trouble in the world.

Best protest sign (from Twitter).

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Beijing York said...

Makes me proud to be a citizen. Let's send all the hypocritical leaders to Somalia, or Libya or Afghanistan or Iraq. Let them feel the love and adoration from the people whose lives they've utterly destroyed.

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