Sunday, 5 June 2011

Teh Latest Thing! Google Reader!

impolitical finds some of us ProgBloggers oh so amusingly retro.
Hey, people? Do you not use Google Reader? I have the blog roll in the sidebar but I also have a ton of Canadian blogs in my Reader. That's how I tend to read what's going on, much faster.

Must be nice to be so smart. And fast. And condescending.

So smart etc that one can't be bothered with pesky comments from the little people at one's own site.


Anonymous said...

Yeah old school blogging rocks. We don't need no aggregators.

But I found this great twitter feed app for the iPad called Flipboard that delivers your Twitter, Facebook feeds & selected Blogs in a magazine like feed.

Bet it beats your TwitterDeck Imp.

Beijing York said...

Hey Willy, you're pretty techno hip for an old-timer ;-)

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