Saturday, 4 June 2011

Official 'Update Your Blogroll' Day

Like Willy, the delayed relaunch of ProgBlogs is prompting me to check out our own blogroll to see who's posting.

And hey, guess what? A couple of blogs I usually get to from ProgBlog links have bad old links here at DJ!

So, I'm doing some maintenance.

And feeling virtuous.


Orwell's Bastard said...

Hellz yeah. Missing my fix of progressive linky goodness, all aggregated in one place. Plus the intertoobz are extra plugged this weekend for some reason.

Good thing I've got more than 60 individual blogs rolled ...

croghan27 said...

PHEW this is the first I have heard of PB being down - I thought my branly new computer machine was acting up.


Anonymous said...

It's obviously a fiendish plot to stop widespread commentary on the throne speech and budget. :)

Beijing York said...

Hey, I noticed the intertoobs being slow today too, OB. Along Anonymous lines, maybe their jamming communications to discourage our happy bleating over Brigette's courageous act.

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