Sunday, 15 May 2011

They're Heeeeere!

On Twitter #prochoice, there was some crap from a crisis pregnancy center/centre, aka fake clinic, supporter. Ever helpful, I posted a link to stories from women who have been lied to, manipulated, guilt-tripped etc by such places. Crisis Pregnancy Center Watch is USian.

A Canadian tweep replied:
@Womanwhovotes Mary Pynenburg @fernhilldammit Could only read one - hope #cpc don't create cpc's here. I am pro abortion rights not anti abortion rights

Womanwhovotes is by no means alone in thinking that these evil outfits are exclusively USian.

Canada has them too.

While there are over 4,000 in the Excited States, we have about 200. Given that our size is about one-tenth that of the US, I suppose we should be grateful we don't have 400 of them, but still they are here preying on vulnerable women.

Here's one umbrella group boasting of supporting 71 fake clinics and developing 9 more (bold in original).
The Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services (CAPSS) is a national, non-political, registered Christian charity, committed to equipping pregnancy support services.

CAPSS, the Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services, was formed in 1997 as the fulfillment of a long-standing mission: "to help women and babies by encouraging and equipping pregnancy support centres across Canada."

CAPSS under girds 71 affiliate centres, and is presently assisting with the growth and development of another nine centres. Located in towns and cities across

Canada, these centres offer practical, material, emotional and spiritual assistance by helping women and their partners or significant other through distressing pregnancies.

Approved affiliation with CAPSS grants the option of dual or triple affiliation with CareNet and/or Heartbeat, with the related benefits of both organizations.

Google 'crisis pregnancy centre' and the name of any city in Canada and you'll find at least one. Go to page 1 of your Yellow Pages and you'll find two headings: 'Abortion Alternatives' and 'Abortion Services'.

Often, they are a stone's throw -- or less -- from a real abortion clinic as here in Toronto: Aid to Women at 300 Gerrard St. East, right next door to Cabbagetown Women's Clinic, 302 Gerrard St. East.

The terrific documentary 12th and Delaware follows activities at the two operations on opposite sides of the street.

The location is no accident. If they can't confuse women looking for the real clinic into dropping into their lie-lab, being nearby means they can pop out for a bit of slut-shaming/harassment on their lunch breaks.

Joyce Arthur of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada reported on fake clinics in BC a couple of years ago. (PDF here.)

Here are her recommendations for action:
* Stop deceptive advertising and false representations of CPCs in the media.

* Remove CPCs from referral lists used by the medical profession or social services.

* Ensure that the medical profession and social services have accurate information so they can refer women for abortion appropriately.

* Create more pro-choice counselling in communities, both options and post-abortion.

* Lobby governments and public foundations to stop funding CPCs.

* Ask Canada Revenue Agency to revoke the charity status of CPCs that have it.

Yes, they get public and government money. And yes, they have charitable status.

So, have a little time on your hands now that Canadians have voted to turn themselves into Fox Nation North for at least the next four years? Here's a Facebook group for Calgary.

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