Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Truthiness Comes to Canada

In the comments to this blogpost, our friend and fellow blogger (at rusty idols), Cliff, lets us know that he has started a Facebook group to 'test the waters' on a crisis pregnancy disclosure law, in his case, for Calgary.

From the info page:
Calgary should pass a Crisis Pregnancy Centre disclosure law

Baltimore Maryland has passed and Austin Texas is considering an ordinance requiring Crisis Pregnancy Centers to post signs clearly revealing to women coming through their doors that they will never provide information about, or make a referral for birth control or abortion.

Crisis Pregnancy centers have repeatedly been found to string along vulnerable women who come to them, with tests and 'counseling' until its too late for them to get the abortions they may have been looking for. They give every impression of being a comprehensive health resource center for women but are staffed by volunteer anti-abortion activists.

Not surprisingly they are fighting these ordinances and for the right to deceive their clients.

Calgary has one of these fundamentalist anti-abortion front groups right downtown at: 205, 925 – 7th Ave SW Calgary, AB T2P 1A5

I suggest that Calgary should follow Baltimore and Austin's lead and pass a disclosure law for these kind of operations.

As we said yesterday -- truthiness is on the march.

If you're in Calgary -- or even if you're not -- consider joining Cliff's group. Or start one of your own. Here, courtesy of LifeShite, is a list of fake clinics in Canada.

We -- OK, it's mostly me -- have blogged rather a lot about these lying liars. In our sidebar, there's a link to Crisis Pregnancy Center Watch, where we met Rosa, a former fake clinic volunteer who explains how they operate. And here is a recent study by Pro-Choice Canada on fake clinics in BC.

Amusingly, a fetus fetishist fulminates on the project:
By way of Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) requests to Status of Women Canada (SWC), I found out that this extreme radical group received funding from SWC to the tune of $27,400 to write this abortion manifesto. I also learned that SWC has never given any funding to CPCs.

What?! SWC has never given funding to ChristoTaliban misogynist anti-choicers? Amazing.

So, Vicious Abortion Promoters™ (you know who you are), remember the fun we had with First Pregnancy Place and the Ottawa Senators? Let's see if we can help promote the cause of truthiness in Canada. And have a few giggles along the way.

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