Sunday, 3 April 2011

Canada and Stieg Larsson

According to this.
[...] friends of Larsson's have come forward with details about what they say is a partially complete fourth book by Larsson. Larsson pal Kurdo Baksi is reported to have told Swedish newspaper Expressen that the fourth novel is set on the Banks Island in Canada – an intriguingly remote spot said to be home to more musk-ox than people – and features heroine Lisbeth Salander's twin sister Camilla. [...] Last summer John-Henri Holmberg, another friend of Larsson's, also told the press about the setting of the fourth book in northern Canada – something he said Larsson discussed with him by e-mail.

As our readers have noted, DAMMIT JANET! admires Lisbeth Salander's kick-ass response to gynophobia.

The title to the first Millenium novel is *Men Who Hate Women* - that was kept in most versions tranlated from the original Swedish, except in the anglophone publishing world where it was deemed to be not marketable, hence *The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo*.

Stieg Larsson was an investigative journalist, dedicated to sniffing out the pungent spoor of conservative, right-wing, fundamentalist religious and racist political organizations in Sweden.

While many progressive bloggers try to expose odious Contempt machinations, many professional journalists are hamstrung by media organizations owned or controlled by corporations, who protect the corporate interests of other corporations such as Barrick Gold by blocking investigative writing and not publishing facts that might contradict a well-crafted public relations image.

For a maple-flavoured and timely discussion about white feather journalism & corporate-controlled news reporting, listen to the Reverend Paperboy's podcast this evening.

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