Wednesday, 24 November 2010

There ain't no "cure" for gynophobia.

Enormous Thriving Plants caught Tucker Carlson's support for the patriarchal traditionally sanctioned "cure" for lesbianism which, throughout history and throughout a range of social, cultural, religious and ethnic environments is rape.

It takes a particularly twisted misogynist prick like Carlson, however, to justify and rationalize in this way the shocking stats about sexual assaults that female soldiers in the US military have suffered from their male colleague's sexual fury.

Under-reported, unchallenged and unpunished violence.

In the absence of a "cure" for men who hate women, fantasy fills the void. The existence of Lisbeth Salander, albeit as a fictional character and a gynophobe's nightmare is neither a remedy nor a solution, though collective imagination is a powerful instrument for change.

We need more Lisbeth Salanders, to counter the likes of Tucker Carlson, Russell Williams and Pope Maledict.

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