Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Resistance Is Not Futile!

In another episode of DJ! cheers 'Dividing the Right' or, DJ! visits Freak Dominion so you don't have to, the Freaks are discussing Stevie Spiteful's convo with Peter Man's Bridge in two threads.

One is a general discussion in which Stevie Peevie gets called a socialist, an anti-Conservative, and -- what's really gotta hurt -- a Lieberal.

Admittedly, some there think he's just dreamy. It's the speechies and fetus fetishists who are really pissed.

The other, titled Harper on KILLLING BABIES (caps theirs), more of the same sentiment is expressed.

My Facebook friend Connie WINS the thread with:
I will vote CHP, Libertarian, or spoil my ballot if neither of those option exist. I will NOT send another body to Ottawa to join Harper's borg.


Let's make it a meme!

ADDED: You go, girl.
Harper could throw us all in his nice shiny new prison cells and some of you would say, "Just be patient until he has a majority".


terraderma said...

Wow, never been there - thanks for the ticket.

Where do they get their ideas????

fern hill said...

From signals that make it through their tinfoil hats.

Zorpheous said...

Man the Freak Dominionators are really pissed at Harper and Co.

Anonymous said...

we should all form new sites/aliases and blog for the CHP with intent to fracture the ConBorg collective.

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