Thursday, 4 November 2010

Tweeting Abortion

Some twit named Tracy Clark-Flory at Salon asks Is the Twitter "#ihadanabortion" trend effective empowerment or needless provocation?

Just who would be being provoked by such a thing?

Don't like abortion tweets, don't read them.

I think all such campaigns to destigmatize abortion are good. So tweet your abortion at #ihadanabortion.

At the moment, there are a bunch of retweets of:
If you're offended by the #ihadanabortion tag, you should see the #idiedinchildbirth and #iwasanunwantedbaby tags.


Bina said...

I just tried to access the list. Tweetybird informed me that "that page doesn't exist!" #WTF?

fern hill said...

Worked for me just now, Bina.

I don't know much about Twitter, but I do know it has -- like everything else -- glitches.

Try again.

Nadine Lumley said...

I never expected an abortion post to make me laugh. LOVES IT.

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