Thursday, 4 November 2010

Abortion Access Is a Human Right

I'm surprised no one has thought of this before now.
The New Brunswick Human Rights Commission is holding an inquiry into the province's abortion policy.

Randy Dickinson, chairman of the commission, confirmed Tuesday that the human rights organization received a complaint relating to New Brunswick's Medical Services Payment Act, which sets out the conditions under which the province will pay for abortions.

The provincial Department of Health's policy stipulates that it will only pay for an abortion if a woman gets a referral from a family doctor and if the procedure is performed in a hospital.

"That issue has been brought forward as a complaint," Dickinson said.

After an initial investigation into the complaint, he said, the commission has determined "there is sufficient evidence to send it to an official board of inquiry."

Dickinson declined to comment on the specific details of the complaint.

The situation in New Brunswick is scandalous, not to mention in blatant contravention of the Canada Health Act. And so far, only Dr Henry Morgentaler has been fighting back.

Abortion is legal in Canada. Access is a matter for a human rights commission.

And Canada is a strongly pro-choice country. For yet further proof of that, go to this CBC story and order the comments by most agreed. Here's the first one:
New Brunswick has to enter the 21st Century instead of remaining in the 19th.

About freaking time.

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