Monday, 22 November 2010

Help Defeat Fantino

Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper, or CRUSH, has changed its name and has a new website, albeit still under construction. The old website, its main source of donations, was down for quite a while, just as they're trying to raise dough for the fast-approaching by-elections.

Here's the new site for Canadians Defending Democracy. The goal is the same -- to rid Canada of this plague of NeoTheoCons by getting ordinary Canadians thinking and talking about the damage they've done and continue to do.

The plan was to place an ad in the Vaughan Metro where the odious and absent Julian Fantino is 'running'. But after accepting the ad, Metro decided not to run it, just like in Calgary, where the Calgary Herald and then Calgary Metro both accepted, then refused to run the group's ad.

So, now the only available outlet is the Toronto Star, which is a good deal more expensive. In fact, Canadians Defending Democracy need $3,000 and they need it soon.

Please consider sending a few bucks. Torontonians in particular know what a scary, homophobic authoritarian Fantino is. (I've got a blogpost in the works, just hitting the lowlights highlights of his terrible career.) His political ambitions have to be squashed flat NOW.

CDD is also running ads in Winnipeg in aid of the other by-elections, but for me, Fantino is the much bigger menace. (You should hear my usually good-natured sweetie on the subject.)

Come on, progressives. If Conservatives Against Fantino, run by racist Gary McHale, can register as a third party and spend up to $3,765 to oppose Fantino, surely we can pony up a few bucks to help. My enemy's enemy and all that.

You can see a bigger version of the ad here.

Also, please help publicize the new Pay-Pal friendly site and the Facebook group.


Beijing York said...

Weird, the link to their pay-pal friendly site brings up a virus alert message. Maybe my software is too vigilant.

The Pundits' Guide said...

So far as I last heard, Conservatives Against Fantino were not approved to register as a third party by Elections Canada, because they had picked a name too close to the name of a registered political party.

If your group were going to place an ad costing more than $500 before the by-elections concluded, legally you would probably have to register as a third party with Elections Canada as well. You may want to read the Elections Act to make sure you don't accidentally violate it.

Tigana said...

HarperCons stole their name, but the REAL Tories are back, and they have a candidate running against Fantino in Vaughan. Dorian Baxter is an excellent person - went to G20 with his daughter.

To: National Media ,
Subject: Press Release: "Beating Fantino, 'Harper's man to beat,'
is of national importance." PC Party Candidate in Vaughan

“Beating Fantino “the man to beat” is of National Importance.”

For Immediate Release November 22nd, 2010

Newmarket, Ont. - On election day should Vaughan Riding voters elect Julian Fantino, Stephen Harper’s chosen candidate, it will be argued by Conservatives that their Leader’s policies
and practices have been approved by residents of the Greater Toronto Area, which until now have shut out Mr. Harper’s Conservative Party candidates.

Mr. Harper will then claim his actions or intended actions have been approved such as:

(1) Altering the census long-form without consulting the hundreds of organizations making use of its data.

(2) Committing Canada to another three years in Afghanistan without Parliamentary debate.

(3) Killing the long gun registry system.

(4) Having his self appointed Conservative majority Senate scrap an important environmental bill passed by the House of Commons,

(5) The 25 Harper so called crime bills now before Parliament would all be rubber stamped. and

(6) Mr. Harper’s prorogation of Parliament without a Parliamentary vote earlier this year. would be vindicated.

Beating Julian Fantino, who is being touted as “the man to beat”, is of national importance because if Vaughan Riding elected a Harper candidate it would be merchandised nationally as an indication a Conservative majority was in the offing.

A Conservative majority would act in the same manner as the Conservative majority in the Senate, arbitrarily without concern for the niceties of debate. “Give him a majority in both Houses” P.C. Candidate Dorian Baxter said “we would not recognize Canada five years from now. We would be like a police state with Mr. Fantino his key Minister.”

Fantino, is “the man to beat, it is of national importance”, Mr. Baxter said for THE NATURE OF CANADA WOULD BE RADICALLY CHANGED should Julian Fantino be elected.”


For more information contact:
Dorian Baxter, Candidate, Cell (289) 221-2687
Hon. Sinclair Stevens, Party Leader, 1-888-666-3821

fern hill said...

The Pundits' Guide: The McHale group has changed its name. As for CDD's registering, I think they're aware of that and taking care of it.

Tigana: Nice to see you here. Thanks for the information.

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