Saturday, 11 September 2010

Sign a Canadian Taxpayers Association Petition!

No, seriously.
To the Right Honourable Prime Minister of Canada:

The Conservative government under Prime Minster Harper has increased government spending by 42%. This year's deficit is projected to be $48 billion. Despite this, the federal government is considering giving $200 million for a hockey rink in Quebec CIty to support the return of an NHL hockey team. In an effort to justify this wasteful spending Prime Minister Harper may also fund other arenas and stadia across Canada, including an Edmonton hockey arena for the Edmonton Oilers hockey team and a domed stadium in Regina for the Saskatchewan Rough Riders.

We the undersigned demand the federal government not fund professional sports projects starting with the Quebec arena.

That was fun, wasn't it?


croghan27 said...


a few billion wasted in a useless and unpopular war in central Asia:

a billion or so to protect the G8/20 folks from Canadians

and how many billions for some useless and inappropriate fighter air craft ....

Let him go ahead and spurge on a few hockey rinks - the most useful thing he has done.

the regina mom said...

Haha! I love it!

I hung around my NDP friend, Noah Evanchuk today when our local riding association hosted a bbq for Layton who's in town for their federal caucus meeting. I wore my Rider tshirt (it's game day after all, but not talking about it) and took the opportunity to speak to some caucus members about women's issues.

The CBC-TV fellas there stopped me and asked me how, being a Rider fan, I felt about the arena/dome issue. I told him that if it were a demonstration green site, I might consider supporting it.

But being that the stadium is in the poorest area of the city, I said, well, it would also have to house activities for youth and families and address those issues. And I added that we need money for schools and infrastructure, jobs, daycares, yada-yada.

Oh, it was good to be able to say all that! I guess we'll see whether or not they carry it tonight!

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