Saturday, 11 September 2010

The curious case of Ezra Levant.

I once watched a CBC interview with Ezrant.

Ewww. Afterwards I would have washed out my eyes with bleach but my ears were already bleeding from listening to his shrieeeking, Craig Russell-esque performance. Though greater minds than mine have nailed his scrofulous prevarications and obfuscations to the wall, there is one issue that remains nebulous.

His pre-emptive attack on George Soros, delivered without a soupçon of irony, heralds a new era of deeper cesspools for Ezrant to plumb in service to the media empire created by Pierre Péladeau, a supporter of Adrien Arcand as well as an ardent admirer of Hitler and Mussolini.

Ezrant's ability to swallow offal and regurgitate bile is no doubt his most iconic accomplishment. His piece about Irwin Cotler is typical of his speudo-erudite spewing about fellow Jews who do not share his ideological beliefs:

And this is the point of the within blog post -- besides an opportunity to point out that Irwin Cotler has become an Uncle Tom Jew [...] I used the phrase "porch Jew", an anology to the dichotomy between field slaves and house slaves.

No matter. I'm sure Ezrant will look fetching in a jockey outfit, holding high his lantern, outside the corporate headquarters of Quebecor. After all, Péladeau once declared that Jews take up "too much space", so recruiting Ezrant to guard against the wrong kind will be good for their business.


Dr.Dawg said...

Here Ezra is, defending the latest project of the son of a Hitler sympathizer, speaking out for other Nazis, and uttering such gems along the way as "No Joy in Jewville"--then attacking George Soros for, well, alleged Nazi links.

Glass. Houses. Stones.

fern hill said...

I found his scurrilous attack on George Soros amusing in a way. Merkin Rethugs' and Teabaggers' heads explode at the very mention of his name. I mean, how DARE a billionaire be a liberal activist??????

But to try that here is Canada shows how heads-up-the-ass our wannabee Rethugs are. I asked several friends and acquaintances if they knew who George Soros was. A couple said they'd heard the name. Most though did not.

illusory tenant said...

"heads explode ..."

In essence. Have a peek inside the Wisconsin Supreme Court:

Are you now or have you been

Orwell's Bastard said...

I once watched him on a TVO panel with Dalton Camp - a scholar and a gentleman with more class in his baby toe than Ezra will ever have in his entire body.

What a little shit. All full of himself, interrupting, talking out of turn, shouting the others down. Can't remember when this was, exactly, but I think it was before I became familiar with the Faux Noise m.o. I'm sitting there thinking, "sit down and shut up, you insufferable little pisher." I wanted to smack him.

Attention is the oxygen this little momzer breathes. Unfortunately Stun Media continues to give it to him.

deBeauxOs said...

Adding links to Orwell's Bastard posts about Ezrant: Don't hold your breath, Margaret and Could someone please change Ezra's diaper?

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