Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Fox News North

I haven't been blogging much because I'm in despair over the level of political discourse going on. The bald-faced lies, endless spin and re-spin, ideology trumping sense every fucking time. I'm just so sick of it and it's going to get worse if the Harpies get Fox News North on basic cable.

There's an online petition to sign. The text reads:
To CRTC Chair von Finckenstein and PM Harper:
As concerned Canadians who deeply oppose American-style hate media on our airwaves, we applaud the CRTC's refusal to allow a new "Fox News North" channel to be funded from our cable fees. We urge Mr. von Finckenstein to stay in his job and continue to stand up for Canada's democratic traditions, and call on Prime Minister Harper to immediately stop all pressure on the CRTC on this matter.

There are almost 30,000 signatures now. When the total hits 100,000, the organizers will run a full-page ad in a major newspaper.

Please sign and circulate to your friends and associates.

And in a beauty little nutshell (snerk), here's a preview of what Faux News North will be like.

The Blogging Tories are spinning the petition as -- you guessed it -- media censorship.

Blogger posts two tweets, one from Margaret Atwood and one from a Liberal candidate, then says:
Turns out there is an on-line petition circulating (see here) to stop Sun TV and these two wingbats are actually publicly endorsing this attempt at media censorship.
. . .
Can’t wait to hear how the Canadian loonie left that worship Margaret Atwood will try to defend her coming out against freedom of the press.

And here's another ijit spouting the same crap.

When it's a ReformaTory cabinet minister spewing porky pies like this, I hope to hell it's because they toeing the ideological line not because they are actually that braindead. But with Blogging Tories, one wonders.


Liam said...

We also need to remind everyone that an effective petition against FNN should start with a boycott of Quebecor and its subsidiaries, as it's Quebecor that's really trying to make this happen.

Beijing York said...

Thanks for the petition link, fern.

I too feel absolutely dismayed by recent political events. There was a cohesive attack on Harper re: G20, fighter jets, long form census, and veterans treatment. But holy f*ck, put those principles to a vote, as in abolishing the long gun registry, and it all devolves into political calculations where we watch to snot-nosed kids battling it out in the failed opposition sandbox.

Harper must be delighted. And with Sun TV at his bidding, he'll be able to hammer out his meaningless "weak coalition" vs "strong majority" messaging 24/7.

Kim said...

I signed, thanks

rabbit said...

Shaw Cable already shows the regular Fox News (Beck, O'Riley, and so on). I take, then, that you object to this as well.

fern hill said...

rabbit, I object to no thing that is chosen. The Harpies want to force Fox News North onto the basic cable service, meaning that we ALL pay to line the pockets of the haters and dividers. That I object to.

You want to subscribe to hateful crap, feel free.

Pale said...

They haven't got one good brain between them.

So Faux North is something they have been waiting for. It would tell them how to think 24/7.
Censorship eh?
Nope. I just do not think that we should have to pay for a Private corporations little infotainment/hate channel.
Why are these "conservatives" such friggin corporate welfare proponents anyway?
That and the intrusive nanny state they wish to install in Canada.
As for Faux, it is on many cable providers. Akshully. I refuse to pay for the package that offers it. :)

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