Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Just when you thought they couldn't sink any lower ...

Blob Blogging Wingnut defends DoDo the Dumbth.

From the comments at Dr Dawg:
"She didn't say all Jews were money loving Jews. She said that one was. There are money-loving Jews in the world, like there are alcoholic Irish Catholics, whiny French Canadians, etc etc. She doesn't think ALL Jews are money-loving Jews. She's saying some Jews are sell-outs to their own people. That's hardly antisemitism. It sounds like she's very concerned about the fate of the Jews."
Actually, if one ventures onto Blogging ReformaTory (or as Balbulican aptly names them "stool samples with keyboards") terrain and reads DoDo's post, all is illuminated.

It's purportedly about greed - however neither Berlusconi nor Blair are labeled "a money-loving Catholic who has sold his soul".
And then of course, there's the shrieeeking, invective-laced rant about the Italian bimbos:

"Women really make the worst dhimmis possible."
That is the reverse of a profoundly entrenched stereotypical obsession/fear that nubile Aryan women will be recruited for Ay-rab harems or the white slave trade. The gynophobia on display is classic; if women are not being forced to convert to Islam, then they must be doing it for the munnee.

Does DoDo know anything about the Marranos, Sephardim women and men who converted to catholicism in order to survive while the Inquisition ran roughshod through Spain?

Likely not; her alleged concern for the fate of the Jews doesn't seem to encompass much - it's all shrieeek and mishegas.


Kateland said...

"Women really make the worst dhimmis possible."

I suspect she really meant to say 'best' rather than 'worst'. MariaS gets as confused by language as she does, well, with facts. Although, she does hate rather well...

Orwell's Bastard said...

"Stool samples with keyboards."

I've always wanted to start September by spitting coffee all over my monitor.

Bina said...

LOLwhut??? We're "dhimmis"? That's a word I never see used except by the tighty-whitey rightards. Apparently it means "people who are polite and decent to Muslims".

Well, I know the wingnut women are dimmies, but weren't they always? If they were brighties, they wouldn't be conservative.

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