Monday, 9 August 2010

The Simplest, Best Example

At the various anti-ReformaTory Facebook pages/groups, people are talking about annual visits with the fambly and being energized by what the oft-vaunted 'ordinary' Canadians are saying. They're saying that the census idiocy is senseless, the G8/G20 spending is shameless, the G20 police state is shameful. And so on. Ordinary Canadians are starting to geddit.

In the depth of summer yet.

I think this is the clearest and simplest example of how the ReformaTories operate.

The federal prison farm system is not broke. It has a lot of evidence-based research supporting it. It is cost-effective. It is humane.

Therefore, in teeny ReformaTory brains, it is SOSHALIST STATIST EVUL and must be destroyed. (Not to mention the cows.)

Even the faaar right (for the wrong reasons of course) supports the prison farm system.

And oooo, looky here. My close personal Facebook friend has posted a link to the poll.

ASIDE (well, mostly): A commenter at the CBC link said something like: 'Gee, that's great the PM showed up for the photo-op. How'd you convince him to wear the sign?'


deBeauxOs said...

Stubborn like a donkey, Stevie Spiteful is.

Skinny Dipper said...

I would think that prison farms are good--not just because they provide physical and mental skills for future jobs, but because they give inmates opportunities to become empathetic towards living things including animals and eventually people in their communities.

I don't think Stephen Harper and his Con MPs are dumb about taking prison farms away; I think they are smart enough to know that prison farms do work. It's like they probably know that the current mandatory long census does work, but that their proposed voluntary one will make statistical analysis meaningless. They want Canadians to become ignorant and dumb. They are smart; we will become dumb if we accept their Con logic.

ck said...

Ah, but Skinny Dipper, Stevie Spiteful, who wears the name oh so well, is cutting things like the census and prison farms because they're good for Canadian society. Stevie Spiteful's mantra; if it's good for Canadians; we must scrap it ASAP!! Nope; simply can't have that. REally! Things that are good for Canadian society; I mean, that would take away Stevie Spiteful's reason to get out of bed every morning.

Anybody got some serax on hand? The strongest dosage a doctor can legally prescribe? Anyone?

Funny how vacations work. I go away. And I even take leave from the blogosphere. Well, she's back. She intends to be badder than before. Daddy is better for now. I intend to do him proud.

Niles said...

Actually, what's interesting over at your 'close personal Facebook friend's' place is the array of photos from the protest event and the comments about what's being witnessed in them.

I can't comment on prison farms because I really don't know much about them, but the thread of anxiety (that Harper is losing it to the totalitarian extreme) is interesting to see among what are usually his blind supporters.

But where are they going to vote? Green Party? The Liberals they have spent so much energy loathing and frothing about? Surely not the NDP. Christian Heritage? Frankly, I think there are CH believers out there wetting themselves in glee over Harper's ur-control moves.

The rubber band is stretching.

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