Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Bye-Bye, Becky Jane*

Of course, there's no backing down.
An auction of cattle raised on a Kingston, Ont., prison farm that many people have been trying to prevent is scheduled to take place in Waterloo Tuesday in spite of major protests over the last two days.

Three hundred dairy cows are up for sale at the Ontario Livestock Exchange. They're from a prison farm that for more than 100 years was part of Frontenac Institution.

Farming isn't relevant, they say. Hear that, Con-supporting farmers? Your life and life's work aren't relevant to these bozos.

So, what is relevant?

Who the hell knows?
Corrections officials haven't yet announced a program to replace the farms.

And how's this for gratuitous shittiness?
[Spokesthingy] said, for inmates who worked on the farm, one of their first jobs will be to tear down the buildings they worked in.

Isn't that this ReformaTory government in a nutshell? They are tearing down the country we live in.

Go read the comments at the CBC link. This is changing some people's minds and stiffening the resolve of others.

BONUS: Have a look at photos of the hippie/liberal/socialist protesters that Connie posted. Here's what she said about them:
There were a couple of things that struck me about those photos. First of all, the crowd looks like a bunch of our grandparents and family members. They are normal looking Canadians...the Tim Horton's crowd. If I was Stephen Harper, I would be worried about making these people mad.

Secondly, they had a hundred cops there, and a bus to take away the people they arrested. I fear for my country.

* My Uncle Jim named all his cows Becky Jane. What a kidder, Uncle Jim.


Beijing York said...

Steve the Spiteful hates ALL people. I hope it's true that Laureen left him. Nobody deserves to be saddled with such a hateful asshole.

He is definitely tearing every wall that stood for Canadian values - e.g., fairness, compassion, equality, transparency, justice and knowledge.

Alison said...

Only a complete numbskull would see closing the prison farms as a positive outcome. I often wonder if Harpie parks his brain in a jar and forgets to put it in most days. Either that, or he is just a plain nasty waste of oxygen.

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