Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Whining rightwing whiner.

Where is Naomi Lakritz when we need her?

Ha! Betcha you never thought you'd read the above sentence here, right?

Just as once in a blue moon I agree with David Frum, right now I long for Lakritz to bitch-slap Sara Landriault upside the head again. Hard enough to shake some sense of perspective into that Sarah Palin look-alike head, that is.

And as I said back then, how much whining about victimization can one person produce? Canadian Cynic nailed here the stupendous self-centeredness and sense of entitlement that defines Landriault.

Besides, why is she looking for a job in the summer, when her kids aren't in school?

Could it possibly be the self-declared champion for Stay-At-Home-Mothers suddenly realized that she needed a vacation too? And being a conservative, what better job prospect than to apply for employment with the federal government while Harper happens to be in power?

As k'in, who brought this pathetic story to our attention observes, Sara appears to have lots of private sector media connections since her shrieeeking regularly pops up on places like CFRA and other rightwing outlets.

Well, perhaps once they got to know Sara the subject better, they liked her less as a potential work colleague.

Added: Adrian McNair, a.k.a. Raphael Alexander, whines on behalf of his spouse.


ck said...

Don't need Naomi Lakritz. Besides, she pissed me off to no end not long ago, insulting Quebec and the sovereignty movement. A province she has absolutely no clue about. I gave her the bitch slapping she so richly deserved in a way only I can.

I bitch-slapped Sara Landriault. I also wanted to bring the point that she's a spoiled brat princess who doesn't know how good she really has it, that she doesn't know of a world outside of Kemptville, and questioned her sincerety. I think it's more of a question that she should start at the bottom of the ladder. Civil service isn't.

I tell a personal story as well as I get very, very nasty with our princess of Kemptville (or is it now Unkemptville??)

It's about appreciating what we have, making the best out of the cards we're dealt with, starting at the bottom of the ladder and not dwelling on things we can't change and attempting to correct the things we can.

And of course, the mandatory bitch slapping of Sara.

deBeauxOs said...

CK gets the job done. Clickable link for the post mentioned above.

Pale said...

Wow. Odd how when other women need.....childcare? to go to werk they get all bent out of shape...

I have re-entered the workforce after some abscence, it's a biatch. YUP!
But it is truly galling to see these dumbasses whine their little asses off only when it affects them.

Anonymous said...

In one comment, she wrote that she was working...

What is it with all these Conservatives who decry the civil service in favour of private enterprise all clamouring for government jobs?

ck said...

I had to come up with a stretch of the timetable so to speak when asked at job interviews about the gap in my CV. And yes, I had to fudge the truth a bit. Anybody who has read my post at the link deBeauxOs put up there would understand exactly why I had to do that. Believe me, it's tiring. I'm an honest person for the most part, but I also know employers like their potential employees to be functional leading perfect lives! Yeah, they're just that shallow, except of course, in the taxi world, where they just don't care, hence, how I got my start in it. Employers still ask about the gap in my CV though. If I were to go back to pounding the pavement tomorrow to look for work, employers would still ask that tedious question.

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