Thursday, 29 July 2010

In spite of Kenney's best efforts ...

to deny entry to applicants the Cons consider to be undesirables, the justice system sometimes plays fair with refugee claimants.
A former immigration judge has been found guilty of trying to coerce sex from a South Korean refugee claimant in return for a favourable ruling on her case.

“He knew that what he was doing was wrong,” Ontario Superior Court Justice Thea Herman said Wednesday in finding Steve Ellis guilty of breach of trust and an Immigration and Refugee Protection Act charge of bribery. [...]

Ellis presided over Ji Hye Kim’s refugee hearing in July 2006, reserving his decision. Two months later, he twice visited the Korean restaurant where she worked and arranged to meet her for coffee to discuss her case.

Suspicious of Ellis’ intentions, Kim’s then-boyfriend and now-husband, Brad Tripp, recorded the Sept. 26, 2006 meeting at a Starbucks patio on Bloor St. near Bathurst.

Ellis received his sentence today; he must serve an 18-month jail term.

As Herr Magoo - who tipped us off to the news item regarding Ellis' sentencing - observed:

"With his background in trading sex for favours, he'll do fine."

Indeed. I hear convicted ex-judges and ex-politicians are very popular in prison.

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