Friday, 30 July 2010

209 to 6

From Census Watch.

209 -- and counting; the list hasn't been updated since Wednesday and there are a bunch more in the comments -- truthy, sciencey, facty organizations versus these guys:
1. National Citizens Coalition census
2. The Fraser Institute
3. Lorne Gunther and Ezra Levant, National Post
4. Canadian Taxpayers Federation
5. Toronto Sun editorial
6. Terence Corcoran, Columnist National Post

And now add ambulance chasers.
The group representing Canada's lawyers says changes to the census will make it tougher for people who suffer serious personal injuries to get proper compensation.

In a letter to Industry Minister Tony Clement, the Canadian Bar Association calls for the return of the mandatory long-form census, saying lawyers and judges use the information to help determine how much injured clients should claim in court.

I mean, really, could the ReformaTories have chosen a stupider issue to deflect attention from the G8/G20 fiasco? No. Really. Could they?

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utterlyuseless said...

I do believe that this was a distraction from the G20 debacle. Like prorogation, once again, Harpo thought that this would be the lesser of 2 evils and again, it blew up in his bloated face. Layton's attempt to mitigate the scene is just another attempt by Layton to go to the oil polluted well.

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