Thursday, 15 July 2010

Honorary doc from catholic college for Mahg-wet.

Is it a consolation prize - like Miss Con-geniality or something along those lines? Because poor Mahg-wet may not be getting the Order of Canada any time soon, no matter how much she whines.

As fern hill pointed out here, the GG-in-waiting is not at all popular with The Fetus©™ fetishists. In fact, there was likely some shrieeeking from that camp when his nomination was confirmed by Stevie. After all, David Johnston chaired the panel whose proposals were shredded by the zygote zealots. The feelings may be reciprocal; they may not his favourite folks either.

Recently, Mahg-wet vociferously championed the interests of donor-conceived offspring and proclaimed the harm they suffered was equivalent to the trauma experienced by aboriginal, "home" and native children who were separated from their biological/'natural' families by government interventions.

Dr Dawg has addressed the question of whether Mahg-wet is a "religious zealot in academic drag--opposing gay marriage, euthanasia and abortion, inveighing against stem cell research and adoption, but avoiding specifically religious vocabulary" before. Yesterday he provided observations then posted an email exchange initiated by professor Amir Attaran with Somerville about her recent Op-Ed.

There's nothing much to add to that brilliant exposé except Mahg-wet's McGill bio photograph that I found through links. Goodness gracious. A picture that's worth more than 1000 words especially if they're mutton, lamb, dressed as, etc. etc.

Religious or naught... ? Before and after? Good twin / evil twin? Dr Somerville and Ms Naugahyde?

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That exchange Dr. Dawg posted is priceless.

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