Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The New GG: Win, Win

Impolitical seems puzzled by the defensiveness in this statement from the PMO over the choice of the new GG.
There has never been a robust consultation process on the appointment of a Governor General. Past consultations have been ad hoc and perfunctory.

Recognizing the significant role the Governor General fills as the Crown’s representative in Canada, Prime Minister Harper appointed an expert advisory committee to lead an unprecedented national consultation effort.

The advisory committee engaged in extensive consultations across the country, meeting with leading constitutional experts, past and current political leaders, and other distinguished Canadians before providing the Prime Minister with its confidential recommendations.

Is this an attempted deflection of the suggestion that Johnston's appointment is a reward for his friendly framing of the terms of reference for the Oliphant inquiry?

Or, might it be an attempt to distance Emperor Steve from the wrath of the so-cons?

Over at the Freaks, my pal Connie started a thread titled I am a Gestational Carrier, Hear Me Roar!

I was puzzled by that and so googled around. This is what she's referring to, from August last year. A report from a panel set up to study Artificial Reproduction:
The panel, chaired by University of Waterloo president David Johnston, was initiated by the McGuinty government in June 2008 under Minister of Children and Youth Services Deb Matthews.
. . .
Further, according to the panel, AR should not be limited strictly to truly and traditionally married couples, but should be opened to all, whether married, single, or in a same-sex relationship. "Single women need access to donor sperm," they say, "and single men need donor eggs and a gestational carrier".

The fundies are attributing the report to Johnston personally, which gives rise to this reaction to his appointment from LifeShite.
Canada’s new Governor General, whose appointment was officially announced Thursday, has been an advocate for homosexual adoption and the destruction of unborn life through government-funded in vitro fertilization (IVF).

On the one hand, criticism of the appointment for partisanship. On the other, criticism for amorality.

It's all good.


deBeauxOs said...

Chrystal Ocean has been on top of this one from the onset. In her update, she quotes from the incomparable Paul Wells: "Three minutes’ googling would tell you Chris Manfredi and Rainer Knopff (members of Stevie's cttee) have built long and fruitful careers drinking each other’s intellectual bathwater."

Niles said...

It also vibes to me of the commentary surrounding 'minority' appointments in the US, eg: Sotomayer.

How, oddly, if someone is of anything but the conservative rich white male category, they are partisan by being born that way and seeking revenge for their inequities in life...but a conservative rich white male is neutral in all respects and will be a 'fair witness/honest judge' by default, requiring copious proof of being gross favoritism to causes.

IE: this appointment puts a true neutral party into the GG office, whew.

Privilege speaking to unprivilege. That aside, I can't say Mr. Proto-GG would be a bad GG. It's just a ridiculous presumption that he will be PH-neutral safe.

fern hill said...

Good way of putting it, Niles -- PH-neutral safe!

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