Monday, 12 July 2010

Going Vague, Vapid and Venal.

From The Mudflats (There's a short video at the link.):

Like a moth to the flame, Sarah Palin keeps coming back to Bill O’Reilly. [...] The last time she appeared on The O’Reilly Factor, he called her out on her criticism about the oil spill. This time, in the next episode of, “If you’re so smart, what would YOU do?” she got taken to task over her vapid non-specific stance on immigration reform.

His obvious condescension and unwillingness to accept the empty sound bite answers she had memorized had her so seething mad, by the time he asked her the softball, “So what’s with these Momma Grizzlies?” she could barely unclench her teeth… or is that “bear-ly”? His tone was FAR more demeaning than Katie Couric, but somehow I doubt she’ll be whining about it in public.

Un grand merci to brebis noire for bringing this to our attention.

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