Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Heads, They Win. Tails, They Win.

Thirty per cent of us are going to get the long-form census to fill out.

Being good Canadians who really haven't minded filling out the long form for bloody decades and who recognize the value of good data to all kinds of projects, a lot of us will do it voluntarily, right?

But then the Cons win. 'See?' they'll say, 'The data is still coming in.'

So, we shouldn't voluntarily fill them out. Just throw 'em in the recycling bin.

But then the Cons win. 'See?' they'll say, 'The silent majority of Canadians hate intrusive government.'

I didn't think I could loathe these ignorant thugs any more thoroughly. Amazingly, this stunt has shifted them even lower in my estimation.

BONUS: A great round-up on the evolving lies of Cashmere Tony Clement.

(Personal note: I am swamped with work but hope to get back to blogging regularly sometime soon.)

And also. Too. (Blame it on k'in - she made me look - deBeauxOs)


k'in said...

I know it's evul to be "lookist", but ever since someone pointed out that Landslide Tony is a splitting image of Milhouse from The Simpsons the idjit has had as much credibility as the cartoon character he resembles...


Pseudz said...

When the Progressive Conservative Party flamed out in '93 weren't they reduced to a mere 2 members in the following election?

If we had an actual opposition - some folk who could see the fear in Canada as an opportunity instead of a hurdle - some folk who could strive to raise the tone instead 'contest pissing' with facsistCons (who just love blowing on the coals of fear and envy) - well now would be a dandy time to go to the polls.

I was just fantasizing - and wondering which 2 Cons might survive the electoral pogrom this time.

k'in said...

Yes-the "Think Twice" campaign, so Canadians did --- elect a grand total of two PC MPs. Jean Charest (yuck) & Elsie Wayne (yuckissimo).

Pseudz said...

Hello k'in,

Canada was invited to 'Think Twice' but they thought Two.

Sounds as if it might be a good time for a 'Think Again' campaign, then.

Mark Francis said...

If Canadians respond well to a voluntary long form census, then doesn't that put a lie to it being objectionable.

Anyway, the long form would be unreliable regardless, due to sample self-responding biases.

IF this comes to pass, we should boycott it.

Alison said...

I would send it back blank, with a note that I will happily fill it out when it is mandatory.

fern hill said...

Fabulous idea, Alison! If the Cons can't be forced to drop this lunacy, let's campaign for blank forms and polite notes. So Canadian, after all.

Luna said...

Anyone know if they're farming out the data entry to an American firm again?

deBeauxOs said...

Apparently StatsCan bought the software so now it's done in-house. As Alison said, somewhere, that should have been the first step.

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