Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Harper Cons' Lying Circus

If the Opposition parties agree to participate in the parliamentary committee that MUST BE urgently reconvened to discuss the census, I encourage their MPs to arrive armed with Olympic-style scorecards.

Thus when Tony Clement performs his long program:

Privacy Issues! Voluntary Questionnaires! Statistics Canada Said So!
followed by Maxime Bernier with his short one:

Bedrooms of the Nation! Jedi Knights! My Staff Deleted The Emails!
NDP, Bloc and Lib members of the Industry, Science and Technology Committee can hold up numbers that rate the credibility of their statements.

I can safely predict that the industrious and dynamic duo won't be winning any medals in individual or pairs competition.

Did I mention how urgent the PMO the Forces of Authority have declared the re-Con-vening of this committee to be?

There also a rumour that Senator Porky Duffy will lumber out to issue a public service announcement on behalf of Stevie Spiteful:
but only if there's Timbits. Lots of them.


Pseudz said...

That's an hilarious image deBeauxO!

Are flashcards allowed in the Commons chamber?

Are cameras allowed in committee rooms?

When does Tony's protracted face-plant equal metaphoric plowing of the political landscape? How straight is his furrow? What should we plant?

deBeauxOs said...

And Maxime Bernier furiously back-pedaling on a stationary bike.

See what you started, Pseudz!

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