Sunday 18 July 2010

But, but, but ... Stevie's mom agrees, right?

Go read Chet's Harper Burns His Report Card at The Vanity Press.

Any moment now, I expect Stevie to drag his mother to the media stage, another voice in the wilderness recruited in support of his one-sided, monomaniacal and ideologically-driven decision to scrap the long-form census questionnaire.

here, here and here.

Update: Well, I thought Stevie wouldn't back down since the Cons can't blame this MASSIVE faux-pas on Evul Feminists as they did with their idiotic attempt to change the words of our national anthem, and Bernier stepped into the breach.

Way to go, Maxime. That brown nose looks good on you.


Oemissions said...

I think that Stevie thinks and behaves in strange ways because of his mother's method of potty training.

deBeauxOs said...

While it seems appropriate to blame Stevie Spiteful's anal retentive behaviour on the way his mom potty-trained him, I suspect that he inherited his MASSIVE grudge-holding capacity from his dad.

Simon said...

I just left this on Chet's blog and I don't feel
like repeating myself...

hi Chet...sorry but I think you're off base on this one. Harper doesn't care about his long term reputation. He's said so himself. All he cares about is the judgement of his God. This apparently senseless move is just a way to mobilize his rabid base who fear The State is going to come and seize their guns, or intern them in concentration camps.
I is also an attempt to put another spoke in the battle for pay equity. It will also hurt natives and other poor people, who are the ones who will be feel the pain of the cuts to social services.But most of all it's an attempt to erase any information about gay people and gay families. Which in case people don't know is important because it allows social planners to target the needs of a community that is all too often ignored. The census just started counting gay people and now they won't. What a COINCIDENCE. What shocks and depresses me is that not ONE media outlet or blogger has mentioned this agenda. So I guess it's going to have to be me. I won't get any votes for saying that, but the truth will set us FREE...

Honestly what are straight people thinking?

Skinny Dipper said...

On the serious side, I do think that by making the long-form survey voluntary, the results will be skewed. If they are to be skewed, I hope that I will receive a long form so that I can be counted qualitatively. If the tea-baggers do not wish to complete a long form, that is fine with me. I would, however, prefer that those who receive the long form be required to complete it. If the tea-baggers have any complaints about specific questions that they are uncomfortable answering, they should have already made their complaints.

Christian said...

LOL at Skinny Dipper's first comment. Well done.

deBeauxOs, I didn't follow the links, but I've noticed harper's favourite voting block has chimed in as well. If he does reverse this harponian move, I'm convinced it'll be for the Jooz. Sure, he will take polls into consideration and weigh his options. But his base has spoken...

Niles said...

I was scribbling in Montreal Simon's comment corner and thought I'd jot something here on it as well, so forgive please if it sounds the same.

The Cons' effort to appropriate Trudeau's 'quote' about having no business in the bedrooms of the nation to whitewash this census turd, seems to imply they are making this revocation the census form equivalent to decriminalized homosexuality, and legalized contraception and abortion in this country (among other things).

I mean, they're seriously drawing on Liberal precedent...from Pierre "Satan's Disciple for Destroying Everything Good and Holy About Our Home and Narrow Land" Trudeau?!?

Now, other fish gawping on their part aside, what does this say about Harper's FRIENDS' (inside and outside of government) present efforts on dismantling the legalizations on abortion, etc? Is that nanny-stating? No? It's different when they do it?

Anyway, I hereby dub the defenders of FREEDOMMM, the Red Rose Teabaggers. A nod to PET and "Only in Canada, you say? Pity".

deBeauxOs said...

Oh Niles, you caught that ReformaTory twang perfectly. FREEDOMMM, indeed.

Harper cannibalizes everything.

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