Friday, 16 July 2010

When pesky facts stand in the way of your goals ...

you get rid of them, right?

Stevie Spiteful dreamed of beating the Liberals to a pulp with his Karl Rove tactics. In 2004 he said in 2004 to his supporters, those who bankrolled his drive to power:

"We can create a country built on solid Conservative values, not on expensive Liberal promises, a country the Liberals wouldn't even recognize, the kind of country I want to lead."

Some of those folks are getting really pissed at Stevie right now for his decision (as part of his plan to grind down Stats Canada to a shell of its former status as a credible collector of data) to abolish the long-form census questionnaire.

The top Jewish and Evangelical Christian organizations in Canada have joined the surging wave of opposition to the Conservative government's axing of next year's long census.

The Canadian Jewish Congress and the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada have both written to the Conservative cabinet to say they rely heavily on the data from the census in order to serve their faith communities.

Questions on religion are asked on the compulsory census every 10 years and the 2011 census would have been the next opportunity.


There's this too.
In a sharply worded editorial, the Canadian Medical Association Journal accuses the Tories of putting ideology ahead of “evidence-based decision making” and charges the government is taking an “uninformed approach to public policy.”

Solid Conservative values ... a country Liberals - and non-Liberals - won't even recognize ... yes, the picture of the Canada Stevie wants to lead is coming into sharper focus every day he's still controlling the government.


Alison said...

Globe and Mail Poll :
"Do you think the long-form census questionnaire is an intrusion on the privacy of Canadians?"

Now over 15,000 responses
30% - Yes
70% - No

deBeauxOs said...

Just voted. Thanks for the reminder, Alison.

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