Tuesday, 4 May 2010

See what YOU made me do?

Ah yes. The classic justification claimed by authoritarian narcissistic sociopath personalities. Any and all reprisals serve as reminder that he holds MASSIVE power over you.

The "he" in this particular situation is Stephen Harper, who has chosen to align himself with theocratic supporters of the CPC - guys like Charles McVety - who send out the same vibe as the rapist in 'Deliverance'.

Senator Nancy Ruth and her history of opinionated and intemperate remarks have been under recent media scrutiny because of yesterday's incident.

Yet (based on what is known about Stevie Spiteful and his legendary rages) she clearly communicated the brutality of his threat, roughly articulated in the terms he uses.

You have to wonder what's left that Harper could further damage. The enumeration of women's organizations that have been recently maimed or mutilated as a result of capricious funding policy changes reads like a reactionary, anti-feminist, rightwing neo-con hit list. It includes Match International, a venerable organization founded in 1975 which has learned CIDA funding to its programs has been cut off.

What's next? Will Harper and his acolytes invoke 'emergency' measures against any perceived insurrection, direct the RCMP to round us up and to march us to internment camps? Or will Stevie use his 'discretionary' executive power with bureaucrats to screw up the lives of individuals that his goons have identified as community leaders who oppose his imperious and increasingly dangerous control of our Parliamentary institutions?

Women's organizations that have for decades promoted a vision of "a world in which women have a say about their lives, their community and their country, and are decision-makers in all areas and at all levels of society" are viewed as abominations by the christofascist religious sects who support the ReformaTories - hence the systematic backlash engineered by these gynophobic ideologues.

And, go read Dave at The Galloping Beaver: A wise old senator....


Alison said...

You have to wonder what's left that Harper could further damage.

This is precisely what the 'shut the fuck up' side of this debate among the NGOs is worried about.
Steve thought this would be a safe little project for him and the financing details are not hammered out yet. They are worried he will back off giving the maternal health initiative real funding if it looks likely to embarrass him.
I don't think they are cowards; I think they are unwilling to gamble losing the whole thing.

deBeauxOs said...

It's a familiar environment - one that women sadly know all too well - stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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