Sunday, 14 March 2010

Questions, Questions

OK, the window for both submitting and voting up questions for Stevie ('Gettin' down with da yout') Harper's YouTube bunfest on Tuesday has closed.

Here's what's gonna happen:
The Prime Minister will answer a selection of your top-voted questions in an exclusive YouTube interview next Tuesday March 16, 2010 at 7 p.m. ET.

So, what were the top-voted questions, you ask?

The Top Twenty:
• 9 on ending the prohibition on cannabis (well, 11 if you count the Marc Emery questions)

• 4 on the Cons' crime bills, all pointing out that the facts don't fit the 'solution'

• 2 on letting Marc Emery, aka Prince of Pot (Seeds), get extradited to the US and how about getting him back to Canada to serve his sentence

• 1 each on: Afghan detainees, student debt, releasing government information, prorogation, and the environment.

Progressives were totally victorious.

There are some lame (and badly spelled) efforts to bash the French, multiculturalism, and immigration in general. There are some equally lame attempts to sing the praises of (in no particular order) our troops, law and order, the Cons' fiscal *snort* responsibility.

Oh. And abortion of course.

All were vigorously and soundly voted DOWN.

In addition to the subjects in the top twenty, there are many questions of interest to seniors and ex-Nortel employees on pensions. Lots on the Cons' promises of accountability *snort* and transparency *double snort*. Several on the Cons and women's issues.

Many thoughtful questioners threw choice Stevie quotes back at him and politely asked if he still held that view -- like destroying medicare, reconfiguring Canada so no one would recognize it, and other old faves.

There are several questions related to the Cons' religious rightwingnut evangelical advisors.

In short, all the bloody questions the bloody MSM should have been asking for the past four bloody years.

So, which 'selection' of 'top-voted' questions will Stevie the Spiteful answer?

Stay tuned. This is going to be verrrrry interesting.


Anonymous said...

What will King Stephen 1 do?
No doubt what any ChristoFacist would do.
Declare war on the Internet of course.

Jymn Parrett said...

How many of the top questions will Harper really answer? Not many. How many questions will he answer honestly? Probably none. How many answers will be selectively chosen to further the Con memes? All of them.

Dylan said...

Ha! War on the Internet. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Steve's drones are going to have a long day tomorrow trying to find safe questions. I just hope the Liberals grow enough of a spine to call him out when he fails to answer any of the questions on prohibition.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has watched QP knows that Harper doesn't answer even legitimate questions. Why would he start now? This is but another gimmick for him to claim that he is having a dialogue with the public to fool the uninformed voters.

croghan27 said...

Methinks he has accomplished what was intended - given the appearance of accessibility and kept his name in people's minds.

It is like the talking dog .... "Does anyone really care what it says?" That it talks is what is important.

fern hill said...

You are all right, of course.

But, given that the Intertoobz never forget, I predict that whatever he does is going to be the source of much merriment on our side.

The Dark Side seems to have taken no notice of this gambit, so it's not making any points with them. And it is sure not making any points with us.


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