Saturday, 13 March 2010

Fun with YouTube

On a cold, rainy day, Stevie's YouTube stunt is providing some serious giggles.

'Getting down wit da yout' is turning out to be an irresistible opportunity to slam Harper and gang. And many of my fellow Canadians are very witty about it.

But many of them are not very polite. Alison at Creekside has a post about the questions, with some choice samples. My fave so far is 'WHAT'S YOUR HAIR MADE OF?'

Of course, there are serious questions too. And some hobby-horse riding.

Our pal, Mr Kicking Abortion's Ass, explains at the Freaks.

The questions -- about 1500 at the moment -- are searchable by keyword. Search, then vote the ones you like up and the others down. You can also flag questions as inappropriate. * evul smiley *

I just did 'abortion' and 'women'. I'm about to go back for 'Afghan' and 'detainee'.

While lefty-libtard-feminazi questions seem to attract a lot of thumbs down, there are remarkably few Con-friendly questions. They can click but they can't come up with softball questions?

Go. Giggle.


Anonymous said...

Harper why are u spending Canadians hard working taxes to promote your Damm Party

Beijing York said...

Hee, the potheads are out in full force :-)

"How can you sing Beatles songs, with obvious and clear drug references, while you continue to throw your fellow non-violent Canadians into prisons for simply "getting high with a little help from their friends"?"

Anonymous said...

Started "voting" on "good" questions-as per the request. Don't know How many Questions later (quite a few),...they cut you off!

Bina said...

It's nylon! What else could his hair be...

JJ said...

I left a question (I'm "PO'd in BC"). Go vote me up before the foetishists get there!

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