Saturday, 13 March 2010

Compare and contrast: idiocy and reason.

Two support bro's alert us to the deliciousness of public displays of Con job and ReformaTory cognitive dissonance.

First, Buckdog points us towards the odiously obsequious Christie Blatchford.

Is there a double standard at work in the story of Rahim Jaffer, the former Conservative MP who this week saw two serious criminal charges dropped against him as he pleaded guilty instead to a lesser one of careless driving? Oh, you bet there is, but it's not what you've heard.

The real double standard is that Mr. Jaffer has been painted as being every bit as guilty of the charges (excessive blood alcohol while driving and possession of cocaine) as if he'd been convicted of them.

Gee, Christie - are you insinuating that one of your shining knights in uniform fabricated those charges against Jaffer?

Oh wait. The officer who stopped Helena Guergis' consort was female, which makes her a fair target, it seems.

Then, Big City Lib has us spurting coffee at our 'puter screens with his shorter version of Deborah Grey. It appears that the wannabe Honourable Member for Holt-Renfrew Helena Guergis stiffed a captive audience out of their opportunity to see her in action.

If beleaguered Conservative minister Helena Guergis was hoping for sympathy from her political sisters, former party matriarch Deborah Grey was fresh out.
Guergis, minister of state for the status of women, was a no-show Friday at a panel on women in politics at the Manning Centre's annual conference for small-c conservatives. Her office did not respond to a question about her absence. [...]

Grey did attend the panel discussion, as did moderator and junior minister Diane Ablonczy, MP Lois Brown and Andrea Mrozek of the Institute for Marriage and Family Canada. When a member of the audience asked about women in politics being treated differently, Grey responded that even so, it didn't give them licence to "throw hissy fits at airports."

Shout it, sistah!


croghan27 said...

If you read the comments to the piece you can see that they are running about 3:1 against her conclusions - as are the ratings of the comments.

even at this it is scary that one out of three would accept the conservative 'spin'.

Antonia Z said...

I didn't know it was a woman cop. I am just speculating here but the news story to which you link suggests that she searched Jaffer. Even if it was a legal search, could the fact that she was a she have anything to do with the sentence?

deBeauxOs said...

The sentence? Not likely, as she was a 10 year veteran cop and one would assume that she knew what she was doing.

The dig about the arresting officer being female was directed at Blatch who is also known as Ms "I Luvs Them Mens in Uniform".

Bina said...

I hope she searched his asscrack. And I hope he was mightily uncomfortable.

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