Saturday, 13 March 2010

Blob Blogging Wingnut is envious.

Over at The House of Perpetual Jeremiahs and Glossy Fetal Pix, also known as Blog Blogging Wingnut's site, SHE bemoans the fact that the PMO's bright shiny idea to use YouTube to create some sort of virtual flash mob has been
"hijacked by a bunch of pothead activists. And when I say "hijacked" I don't mean that they submitted a question that on an issue that many people don't care about. I mean that they've submitted dozens, if not hundreds, of questions on that issue, ruining through spamination an exercise that could have been a good step towards democracy. I don't object to the fact that 1500 people have voted in favour of asking a question regarding marijuana. I object to the top 3 questions all having to do with marijuana."

eh. SUZY ALL-CAPS is clearly envious that The Fetus©™ fetishists have not managed to MASSIVELY own the process like the potheads have successfully done. But for those 7 or 8 people that might be reading her blogsite, SHE counsels:
"And if you do submit a question, please don't submit a question that sounds like something that came out of question period. E.G. 'Your government is the most incomptent in history and has never cared about the true interests of Canadians, what are you prepared to do to fight poverty in this country.' That's just a repeat of QP. Please ask for specific details and not engage in ideological and partisan posturing."

Hear that? Do not engage in ideological and partisan posturing. I guess HER good friend John 'Sperm Holocaust' Pacheco didn't get that memo.


jj said...

Hahahaha! She'd be singing a different tune if it was spammed with abortion questions. Does the phrase "Great Canadian Wish List" ring a bell with her, or has it been that long already?

Bina said...

How does she know they're potheads? Just because they find her ilk unintentionally hilarious? Wow. I'm laughing already and I haven't even had a nibble of a brownie, much less a toke...

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