Monday, 15 March 2010

My Letter to the Hon. Frank Iacobucci

Dear Sir,
I am writing to you as one private citizen of Canada to another.

As a former Supreme Court Justice and upholder of the Constitution, you must recognize that the government's move to employ you to examine the documents relevant to the Afghan detainee ruckus is, at least, not very popular among some knowledgeable commenters.

To many, me included, it is a mockery of the concept of Parliamentary supremacy.

It is, further, merely the latest in a long series of anti-democratic initiatives by this Conservative government.

No one questions your ability or your reputation.

The issue is whether Parliament is to be allowed to do its job.

Please. Reject the assignment.

Yours truly,
fern hill


Write, phone, fax The Hon. Frank Iacobucci, from here.

Phone: (direct) 416.865.8217
Fax: 416.865.7380

Email: fiacobucci (at)

79 Wellington Street West, Suite 3000
Box 270, TD Centre
Toronto, Ontario, M5K 1N2 Canada

h/t Elizabeth Pickett at Facebook


Pale said...

I question him. :)

I question ALL of this, there is a lot more going on here.
But I am the most irked at the opposition. Grrr.

fern hill said...

Me too, Pale. Most irked. They are absolutely fucking useless.

But they won't do anything. Maybe the Hon. Frank will examine his conscience and refuse.

Pseudz said...

I agree, some games just shouldn't be played.

Has Mr. Iacobucci yet to accept/reject the assignment?

Anonymous said...

Taxpayers are being asked to pay to help Harper avoid accountability, it seems.

Here is what I got for a half day work each day: 4h/day x 5 days/week x 48 weeks/year x $500/hr = $480K. If it lasts for a year and a half, it will cost $720K. It will be about twice these amounts if he charges a full day's work. And is he entitled to expenses too?

Shouldn't the opposition parties be pointing this out to the public instead of supporting this time stalling exercise?

fern hill said...

Anonymous: Good point.

Pseudz: I doubt they'd use his name unless he agreed to do it. But maybe he can unagree.

Chrystal Ocean said...

Just phoned, using SkypeOut; and got a real person! She asked for my phone number, which I haven't got but she took my email address instead.

fern hill said...

Good for you, Chrystal Ocean. I look forward to your blogpost if you get a reply.

Kim said...

May I copy your letter?

fern hill said...

Kim: Feel free. And thanks.

Kim said...

Thank you, and I'm going to send it now :)

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