Monday, 15 March 2010

Reject the Iacobucci Gambit!

It appears that the Opposition is folding.

I just wrote to my MP. Again.

Under the same title as here:
Dear Olivia,
Please, please, don't let this stand.

The NDP must force the contempt of Parliament issue.

Harper is trampling democracy in this country and the bloody Opposition -- and that includes the NDP -- are allowing it.

I despair.

Yours truly,
fern hill

UPDATE: Write, phone, fax The Hon. Frank Iacobucci, from here.

Phone: (direct) 416.865.8217
Fax: 416.865.7380

Email: fiacobucci (at)

79 Wellington Street West, Suite 3000
Box 270, TD Centre
Toronto, Ontario, M5K 1N2 Canada

h/t Elizabeth Pickett at Facebook

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Chrystal Ocean said...

The 'Opposition' thoroughly disgusts me. And isn't it just fine and dandy that the Leader of the Opposition is out on tour again! That's what academics do; perhaps Iggy's doing the circuit in hopes of landing a new job.

Apparently, Iggy thinks Parliament is a nuisance, as does Harper. The two of them have certainly done their best to make it irrelevant.

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