Wednesday, 13 January 2010

ReformaTory Vitriol

One of the excellent uses people are making of the Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament Facebook group is posting links, old and new, to potent examples of the Harpocans' arrogrance, misuse of power, spitefulness, and disdain for Canadian institutions and values.

Here's one that combines all those ReformaTory features -- plus someone DIED.
The entire staff of a government-funded rights advocacy group is calling for the resignation of three Conservative appointees from the board of directors, including the chairman.

The extraordinary letter from the staff of Rights and Democracy – a non-partisan, two-decade old advocacy body – follows the death last week of president Remy Beauregard, who died of a heart attack following a vitriolic board meeting.

I don't know anything about Rights and Democracy or its president. But my sweetie has a heart condition and the people around him, family, friends, co-workers, know it. Of course, people do have heart attacks out of the blue, but most of them happen to people with known problems. If it were known that M. Beauregard had a heart condition, it's pretty disgusting that the people around him let a meeting with him get so out of control as to be described as 'vitriolic'. Because we know how well ReformaTories do vitriol. Like this guy:

On the brighter side, it looks like spines are sprouting up everywhere. Well, except for our absolutely useless opposition parties.

ADDED: I should have included a link to Rights and Democracy's site. It looks like they do good work.

MEA CULPA: I hadn't read Dr Dawg on this before I wrote. You should.

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terraderma said...

You should follow up on this and one of the recent appointees who is from a little Calvinistic organization named Cardus. Give this story more legs.

All the Cardus board members have 'that look' in their eyes. Friends and colleagues of Stevie, and all participants and conspirators of the true Hidden Agenda

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