Wednesday, 13 January 2010

More on same-sex marriage.

Legal arguments smoothly follow one another, punctuated by emotional testimony of how Proposition 8 humiliates gay men and lesbians who wish to wed, inside the courtroom where the constitutionality of the ban on same-sex marriage is on trial. Outside, banners and hand-held posters reduce them to statements that are as pithy as a tweet on twitter.

Vanity Fair's Open Bar Blog offers 5 requirements for those who wish to debate the legitimacy of same-sex marriages. Here's one that would eliminate a considerable number of rightwing religious conservative zealots - and not only those in politics.
No. 2: Any person who has or who is at this very moment committing adultery, or any other action which directly undermines the “traditions” associated with marriage, also hereby forfeits the right to tell same-sex couples that they can’t try to stay loyal and honest in their relationship. These liars, cheats and scoundrels (of both sexes) have done more to undermine marriage over the centuries than any two men kissing could ever dream of doing.

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