Thursday, 22 October 2009

Obama vs The Fetus Fetishists

LieSite laments: The most babykillingest prez evah would whup the asses of every Rethugican fetus-fetishizing rival in 2012 according to a new poll.
Obama leads Mike Huckabee 47-43, Mitt Romney 48-40, Sarah Palin 52-40, and Tim Pawlenty 50-30.

This is the seventh time PPP [Public Policy Polling] has conducted this poll and the seventh time Huckabee has polled closest to Obama. Speaking to the weakness of the field of potential Republican candidates he's the only with a positive favorability rating and even then it's only 33/29.

So, is it the general and well-deserved meltdown of the Party of No? (JJ has a great clip of Keith Olbermann gloating over relishing some recent numbers on party identification in the US.)

Or, perhaps the Merkin people have actual concerns that override the panty-sniffing Christer Taliban's unrelenting SHRIEEEKING about the most babykillingest prez evah.

BONUS: This comment on Sawah's numbers:
Palin's numbers have been somewhat mystifying over the last four months. Immediately after her resignation they actually improved to a positive 47/45 favorability rating. Since then though they've plummeted even with her largely out of the public eye and only 36% of voters have a favorable view of her with 51% holding a negative one. She has by far the worst numbers with both Democrats and independents.

Let me fix that last sentence.

'She has by far the worst numbers with everyone with more than one functioning neuron.'


But she'll never be off our radar here at DAMMIT JANET!. Because, gosh darn it, she's just too much fun! Also.

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k'in said...

Heh. The fetus-fetishing wing(nuts)of the parties whirl and whirl and can't get no traction (duh!)

Let them bawl their purity little eyes out.

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