Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Going Rouge?

That's not a typo in the title.

It's a trade paperback set to be published by
O/R Books and it will be be released on November 17th.

Hang on - isn't the date that Sarah Palin's memoirs will be foisted upon her zealots fans? Funny you should mention that since Going Rouge will be a collection of essays about Palin by a number of contributors such as Eve Ensler, Christopher Hayes, Jim Hightower, Naomi Klein, Shannyn Moore, John Nichols, Katha Pollitt, Hanna Rosin, Matt Taibbi and Patricia Williams to name but a few.

Compare and contrast the covers.

Yup, yup. And that's not all, you betcha! There will also be "The Sarah Palin Rogue Coloring & Activity Book" that is expected to come out in November too.

It should be interesting to watch which book sells the most.


Anonymous said...

I just can't keep up anymore. I thought her book dropped in price from 20 something to 15 bucks. Plus how come we don't hear anymore about Banning Books. And how come her MIL is pro-choice? I'm lost.

Kelseigh said...

I note that the Going Rouge jacket actually looks like her.

Bina said...

Now that's what I call a rapid response! LOL.

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